Education - Pre-K, K-12, Community College & University

Within Beaufort County is Beaufort County Schools public school district which includes 14 K-12 schools. These schools include elementary, primary, middle, high, and technical schools. Aside from these schools Beaufort county also has Charter, Private, and Montessori schools to offer.

There are multiple options for post-graduate schooling to fit all students' needs. Within Beaufort County is Beaufort County Community College located in Washington. This institution has a total enrollment of about 2,000 students. These students can earn up to an associate degree in 13 different fields.

Within 30 minutes of Beaufort County is East Carolina University, an accredited four-year university in Greenville, North Carolina. The university has a total enrollment of over 21,000 and offers more than 100 undergraduate degrees and more than 75 master's programs.